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shrinking news rooms and competition from the internet and high stress to meet short deadlines. that is a wrap on news watch this week. thanks to our panel. >>. >> gregg: i'm gregg jarrett. welcome to a brand-new hour. >> heather: i'm heather childers. topping the news millions of americans have spring flood damage and many swollen rivers have yet to hit the crest stage. >> gregg: top u.s. senate lawmaker vowing to bring back the background check gun bill. does it have a chance in passing second time around. >> and nascar free for all that has everyone talking. >> gregg: but first, new
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questions on the handling of the boston bombing investigation. now a lot of new questions. as several lawmakers suggest the f.b.i.'s interrogation of it's a younger surviving suspect may have been cut off way too soon by a judge and department of justice. steve centanni has more on that. what are we finding out through the sunday talk shows? >> reporter: there is concern that the surviving suspect dzhokar tsarnaev lawyered up too soon. 19-year-old was apprehended after a gun battle and read his rights in the hospital even though a public safety exception was evoked to delay the reading of his rights for some time, some say that wasn't long enough. >> the public safety waiver they could have used to keep this person before reading the miranda rights, i think they pulled the trigger too soon. i think there is more to be had
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there. >> reporter: some say it was long enough to allow other suspects to pose an immediate danger. >> gregg: and what other ways may have the investigation been hampered? >> the focus is tamerlan tsarnaev and his trip to russia last year. critics want to know whether he was radicalized when he went there or met with people when he was in russia could have trained him in terrorism. some think the mother of two boys should be a person of interest in this case and should be detained if she returns from russia. they say russians withheld information about her. >> they certainly had evidence that the mother thought he was a certainly sympathetic toward jihad and did not share that with the f.b.i.. if they had, it could have changed it dramatically. >> reporter: questions about whether or not the mother was radicalized her own sons. >> gregg: steve, thanks very much. a growing number of lawmakers seem to suspect that
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the boston bombing suspects had some kind of help. coming up later in this hour, we'll take a closer look how they came to that conclusion and what kind of impact it may have on the f.b.i.'s investigation. >> heather: joe manchin laying in on gun controlling. he is not abandoning his efforts to expand background checks even though his bill crafted with pennsylvania senator was defeated earlier this month. >> i want to make it clear. you are going to bring this bill back to the senate floor, and you think it's going to be different? >> i true bli arely believe if we have time to sell the bill and people will read the bill -- i'm willing to debate anybody on the issue, you read the bill and tell me what you don't like. we stopped registration from a felony with 15 years of imprisonment. >> chris: part of the idea you are going to strip it away? >> don't need to be cleanup. that is my belief.
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the bill runs clean and people can vote up or down based on the merits of this bill how it protects a second amendment gun person, a law abiding gun owner. it's perfect for that person. >> heather: you can see the rest of that interview with senator on fox news sunday with chris wallace right after our show at 6:00 eastern. >> gregg: extreme weather battling parts of texas right now. heavy rain and strong winds causing the roof of a convenience store collapse in sugar land. they made more than 100 rescues in the area saving stranded motorists. storm system making it's a way across the ohio valley. meteorologist janice dean tracking it live from the fox extreme weather center. >> we've got rain and we have the potential for snow later this week. i know -- let's take a look at the rain came down in came so
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fast. over six inches in a three-hour span of time. a lot of folks say we have lived here for years and we have never seen anything like it. it moved very quickly through the area, dropping six to seven inches of rainfall. look at the radar estimated accumulation just see south of houston area where sugarland i believe came in 7.25 inches. again in two to three hours. where is that storm headed across the mid-atlantic, up towards the northeast. we could get an inch of two of rain over the next 12-24 hours then it will be offshore. then the midweern plains as we think the jetstream is going to dive south, far south over the next several days. it's going to bring very cold temperatures with that and the pshlt for may snow as we head into next week. this is one of our computer models looking at the midwest
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certainly for the potential for more flooding as lot of rivers are swol own. look at the snow accumulation. we're starting to see as far as south nebraska, into missouri. this could be record-breaking late season snow. we are certainly going to keep an eye on this. right now, temperatures are warm spring like across the northern plains. bad side is we have snow melt across the upper midwest and that is going to melt in the red river where we think is going crest at record levels. now summertime, summertime is here across the southwest. look at these temperatures. 98 in phoenix, monday go through at 103. 101 for tuesday. we're going to be talking about snow in the southwest they are into the pool and wearing swimsuits. >> gregg: palm springs 101, they live in their swimming pools. good life and they don't have
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anything else to do. [ laughter ] >> gregg: okay, janice dean, thanks very much. >> heather: chilling new details concerning syria and former syrian army general who defected now claiming syrian president assad ordered the use of chemical weapons against his own people. coner powell is joining us live from jerusalem on this continuing developing story. >> reporter: former syrian general told news network today he was ordered to use chemical weapons in the tunnels and caves that are frequently used by rebels. he says he refused the order and used disinfected water. still, international pressure is mounting for the u.s. to intervene now there is some evidence that assad regime likely used chemical weapons. president obama has reportedly said it would force action but he stopped short of saying with
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a action would be taken. white house is very concerned about the use of chemical weapons against rebels and civilians but equally concerned that they may fall in the hands of extremist groups. president obama on friday reduced expectations that u.s. would intervene anytime soon. american officials are fearful as bad as the situation is today, if assad is removed and the international community intervenes in syria things could get worse because nobody knows who would replace him. there are a lot of groups fighting in syria that really do scare the international community and policymakers. >> on to libya now an armed standoff is under way. they are surrounding the foreign ministry building. many supporters of old regime moammar khadafy remain in
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government positions still. they wanted to remove them. negotiations are underway and officials say no one has of yet entered the building. >> heather: tragic developments in bangladesh. a fire breaking out in the wreckage killing the last known survivor from the buildings collapse five days early. before the fire, search teams, they actually rescued nine people just today. eight story garment factory collapsed and the owner of building capturing him at a border crossing in india and bringing him back to bangladesh where he faces charges of negligence. >> back here in the united states, residents of west, texas finally being allowed to return home but not allowed to stay there. the town was devastated by the massive fertilizer plant explosion a week and a half ago. out of the 156 homes, only three
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are fitted for habitation. people are allowed to remove valuables and clothes and then get out. the cause of the explosion is still under investigation. >> heather: coming up, remembering an american hero who help contributed to one of the most iconic images in military history. >> gregg: plus, turns out the future may not be so bleak when it come is to america's best and brightest students. we'll tell you about it. >> heather: and scientists sounding alarm as sea lion population drops dramatically. dominic is live for us in california. >> that is right. authorities are calling it an unusual event in southern california. as seals are found stranded along the coast of california. i'll have all the details on the other side of the break. ♪
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>>. >> heather: welcome back. check of the headlines, mississippi martial arts instructor arrested for allegedly mailing poison to president obama is expected to appear in court on monday.
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congress is set to eliminate the relatively unknown program, helium program. the program was started back in 1925 in an arms race with europe. >> and world war ii veteran that provided the flag in the flag raising on iwo jima has died. wood was always humbled by the small role in the historic image. >> gregg: it's been to i tracked immigrants that are highly adept in so-called stem jobs and stem students, it's a widely known belief that our nation is suffering from a dangerous number of graduates. it may not be true after all. according to a new student, 33% of a high performing students in science are actually from the
1:16 pm
united states bringing it down, mathematics, students ranked in the top three performers, two points behind the leader. in reading, nearly 34% of the world's highest performers are american students and way ahead of japan and germany and the list goes on and on. patricia powell is founder of powell financial group. so look, here is all the time for president obama and others, is it true that the united states suffers a deficit of stem workers and students or is that just a myth? >> i don't think it's a myth but the study is challenging that belief. i think there are some problems with the study. i went through a couple times. >> gregg: like what? >> 59% of what they call stem workers is essentially i.t. workers, they are eliminating the scientists and mathematicians and engineers. so what is based on in
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technology. couple problems how they did the numbers. about 36 of the number don't have a college degree which is really what we are focusing on when you hear people like general council from microsoft, they are looking for 3,000 workers. >> gregg: i did want to ask but that. the evidence would tend to contradict those figures we just put on the screen. general counsel of microsoft, that 3,300 jobs, engineering and development, we can't fill them which would one lead to believe, we have to need to do something about it. >> i'm not sure that we need to do something about it. but there is a shortage and microsoft is not looking for high school graduates to fill those jobs. they are looking for the top college graduates in the country to fill those jobs and they can't find enough of them. the other problem when they the way they look at this, they seem
1:18 pm
to focus on thinking the importation of workers is causes american wages to drop. that seems to be the point of the study. when you focus mostly on i.t., you have a tremendous surge in i.t. salaries with regard to the tech bubble. >> gregg: and then it burst? >> now we are comparing they haven't had the growth in i.t. salaries and blaming immigration it may be their base is faulty. >> gregg: i was reading through the studies and making a big deal how american companies aren't paying enough. these stem workers are going to where the bucks are? >> that is true. if you are highly talented and dollars are going to be a little bit more, you will migrated over to that field. >> gregg: we need to jack up the wages? >> the market will do that faster than any government. they don't have to yet. when you bring a work neither this country, that is somebody who is contributing in the form of taxes, paying into social
1:19 pm
security. they will pay into obamacare. >> gregg: so somebody should say to microsoft pay more for your jobs, you won't have a deficit? >> that is probably true. >> so in stem workers, they receive the benefits of the education, sometimes funded by taxpayers. then they just decide to leave and essentially we are paying for skills then exported. how do we stop that? >> i think we would like them to stay, but i'm not sure it's the worst thing in the world that people have american ideas go back to where they came from. those ideas germinate in these countries. you have india with a burgeoning middle-class. that is a good thing. >> gregg: maybe we could tie to the education funding they have to stay here for x number of
1:20 pm
years? >> we overcharge these foreign students. when they come in the visas they don't pay the same fees that american students are paying for processing these things. i think we have lots of different kinds of visas. i think some of these people will go home but i think it's okay in both cases. >> gregg: debunking the myth. >> i think it's important to read through things that challenge the way you think. >> gregg: thank you very much. >> heather: sea lions are apparently dying at alarming rate on the west coast. marine biologists say they can't seem to figure out why. experts fear that whatever is killing the sea lions could affect humans. dominic is streaming live. >> reporter: both the federal agencies that are monitoring the situation have classified this as an unusual mortality event.
1:21 pm
both they and sea life rescue can't exactly give figures on how many are dying because most of them are dying in the water and along the channel islands. from the record number of stranded pups they are finding there is serious problem here. as many five times as you would normally expect this time of year. total 1400 sea lion pups have been stranded. they are in terrible condition, they are malnourished and they described what a terrible condition these poor creatures are in. take a listen. >> we are looking for animals that are about 50 or 60 pounds healthy in the wild. we are seeing them come in at a fraction of that. you can see rib cages through their skin. some cases you can see the spines or shoulder blades. these are the animals that we're concerned about. they are coming in thinner than
1:22 pm
this. >> reporter: the investigation that has begun are indicating what the cause actually could be. it could be anything from a changing water temperature to deleting the kind of fish that young pups actually eat. they want to get the fish down there and looking toxins in the water or even could be radiation that drifted across from japan from the fukishima plant back in 2011. they tell us what is going in the water before we actually find out ourselves. one marine biologist explained just what the implications of that could be. >> they are visible because they do come up on land. by investigating causes into there things are impacting them. we get information that in turn can impact us. we eat the same seafood. we are using the oceans in
1:23 pm
similar ways. so what we learn from them impacts our health. >> reporter: so how long it takes to get into the food chain and if it will, we don't know. earlier in the week i spoke to sea world, they received 320 pups. that was twice as many as they received in the past two years previously. it's growing into a crisis here. >> heather: dominic, thank you. >> gregg: triumph over tragedy. let's take a live look at boston where the community is refusing to let the terrorists win and rallying around the victims of the marathon bombing zblooth. >> heather: plus a serious case of road rage. why several racers are furious with kurt busch. >> we got the top ten. [ male announcer ] how do you measure happiness?
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>> last day of your presidency. i was there. i came in to say goodbye. you said something i thought may be you could repeat. it was coming into office on the first day wanting to make sure when you left you could look yourself in the mirror and say, i stuck to my principles? >> yeah, i think it's important in life and develop important as a president to have a set of principles that one is willing to defend. so when i left midland i told the crowd of 30,000, i'm leaving with a set of principles. >> i'm thankful for the principles i learned here in midland, texas. i am thankful for my friends. i'll come back to see you soon.
1:29 pm
god bless. >> when i came back, i was a lot older -- i didn't sell my soul. the principles are still important part of my life. >> i am coming home with my head held high and sense of accomplishment. >> george w. bush, tonight at 9:00 p.m. >> heather: it is the bottom of the hour, time for the top of the news. we're talking about some powerful storms battering houston, dumping up to six inches of rain and leaving thousands of people without electricity. >> gregg: a gun control advocate in the u.s. senate says he is going to try it again. joe manchin plans to reintroduce a measure that would require background checks at gun shows and online. >> heather: members of congress
1:30 pm
voicing a concern of serious concern over chemical weapons stockpiles. >> gregg: as investigators continue to search for answers in the deadly boston marathon bombing, the people of boston are rallying around the victims of that attack. rick levanthol is live in boston now with more. rick, are we learning more about a couple of other people in custody in connection with this case? >> reporter: yeah, obviously investigators are trying to determine motive and whether they had any assistance. they tracking hundreds of leads. one of those leads revolves around a photo that was posted by the surviving suspect dzhokar tsarnaev online, a photo of him in times square with several friends. we have confirmed that two of the young men in that photo are in fact in custody, arrested by the f.b.i. five days after the
1:31 pm
bombing. two men from russia. they didn't know anything about the bomb plot from the lawyer. >> completely shocked and completely surprised and horrified as rest of us you are our about the severity of what happened. >> they both speak russian and number of people they are friends with, because of their common lands. it's very difficult for him. -- common language. >> of course dzhokar tsarnaev is the only charged in connection with the bombing. >> gregg: a variety of memorials honoring the victims. talk to us about that? >> powerful ones including the one behind us here where people have been lining up by the hundreds to view many of the mementos by well-wishers. a lot of support across the
1:32 pm
city. last night a capacity crowd filling the st. mark church, a youth choir concert to benefit the one fund and martin richards family fund. he was the eight-year-old boy that was killed in the blast. his sister add and mother badly wounded. yesterday a parade in odor chester where some of the first responders on -- dorchestor. martin would have been on the team playing yesterday opening day. his jersey was painted in the outfield and one of many ceremonies and services in honor and tribute to the victims and their families. >> gregg: rick levanthol, thanks >> heather: growing number of lawmakers are now suggesting that the two bombing suspects may not have acted alone. republican chairman of committee mike mccall weighed in on an
1:33 pm
exclusive interview on fox news sunday. >> the fact that the pressure cook ser a signature device that goes back to pakistan, afghanistan leads me to believe, and way they handled these devices, leads me to believe there was a trainer. question is where is the trainer or trainers. are they overseas in chechen region or in united states? that is the big question. >> heather: bill gavin is assistant director of f.b.i. in new york and vice president of a global security. are more people involved and what leads to you reach your conclusion? >> when i look at the bombers, it's not that complex, the pressure comber and timer but i have to believe -- pressure cooker. it's not hard to pick up
1:34 pm
information online and build a bomb. it's not like following a recipe. it's very difficult to do these things. the possibility of an explosion premature is very high. so i think in my mind that is the big question mark i still believe that perhaps there was some outside influence or help to make this bomb. >> heather: knowing the bomb specifics that were used the type of bomb does that lead you to believe who or what countries may have helped? >> as your previous guest said, in pakistan and afghanistan, you recall this was a bomb of choice in serbia and croatia when they were doing a lot of bombings in the '90s. you really have to look at all those things put together. i just believe that had to be an outside source. whether it contacted them within the united states or the chain
1:35 pm
was linked to somebody while they were overseas. >> heather: so, how are we going to reach that conclusion? how can we find that out? we take a look the time line, dzhokar tsarnaev survived, he was questioned, there were two interview sessions over the span of three days, he was interviewed for 16 hours. a federal magistrate reads him his miranda rights. he can't afford an attorney and that is the last thing he has said. now, we're not getting any information from him. how will we determine if other people were involved and should we be concerned about our national security? >> there are two things. we don't know how much or the nature of all of the questions and answers that were pose today him during the time period when the interviewers had access to him. secondly, it might determine
1:36 pm
somewhere down the line its own best interests to cooperate with law enforcement in order to do something from save him and just life in prison than a shortened life span. >> that is what happened with the underwear bomber. he was read his miranda rights and decided to go quiet but family members persuaded for him to talk a little later on, as well. in terms of crime scene itself. it goes from boylston street all the way to russia. what role will russia play as we move forward? >> we have to be careful what we learn from russia. how they obtained any information that they had. they furnished information to the f.b.i. at first to law enforcement sources.
1:37 pm
then after that investigation was conducted, then sometime later they furnished the information to intelligence sources for the agency. who notion what they furnished to either one, and who knows how they obtained that information. those are things that always strike me as being somewhat suspect. you very circumspect how you handle it you get from the russians. they are not there to help the chechens. >> heather: there is a lot of finger pointing sort of would have, could have, should have but in terms of f.b.i., how have they handled it so far? >> in the actual resolution of the bombing itself, i think it was a tremendous effort. i can't say by the f.b.i. alone but law enforcement in general. i also think that they will look backwards and see what they knew and when they knew it and whether there was a hole or gap that something else could have
1:38 pm
been handled. i believe that is something that is ongoing right now. it's not going to wait for this case is over to do an assessment. >> heather: you would think we would have learned this after 9/11. all these organizations and different lists and databases, they would sync together so we would know what one organization is doing. it fell apart in this situation. >> heather, in this particular case, they have to look at who knew what and when. it's very difficult set of circumstances to put all those things together. what we have to remember is if the f.b.i. interviewed somebody in this country and there was no red flags and no indicators, there is nothing they could hang their hat on. it's not like what can done in foreign country. this is democracy and you can't keep following people. social media is probably another
1:39 pm
case we will look at in the future. i think i've heard opinions and say they should have followed on them and stayed on them and been on phones. that is to the possible here. it's very difficult for other agencies invasion to do the same thing if they get caught at it, it's not a good deal. >> heather: bill gavin we appreciate your insight. >> gregg: the end is near for jodi arias's trial. they will play lai out closing arguments this week what to expect in the trial's final days. that is next. >> heather: despite girlfriend scandal and poor performance in national game, he has been drafted into the n.f.l. which team took him and how long he had to wait to come off the drafted board straight ahead. [ male announcer ] the distances aren't getting shorter. ♪ the trucks are going farther.
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>>. >> gregg: closing arguments in the jodi arias murder trial. she is accused of stabbing her ex-boyfriend 27 times, shooting him and slashing his throat. what to expect in the coming days. rachel self and david wolf. these jurors, it's not just capital murder. they will choices all the way down to manslaughter. does it appear you to the defense is argue in front of jurors, she snapped, sudden impulse, heat of passion that could drop it down to manslaughter? >> somewhere in between the prosecutor theory of premeditated murder and self-defense, sudden passion. the judge may not allow the jury instruction because there is not a lot of evidence of that. if the judge allows it. that could give one, two, or three jurors who refuse to
1:45 pm
convict jodi arias because the long history of abuse as she said, that could give them a compromise and that could cause a jury to convict of a lesser charge, second-degree murder or manslaughter. >> gregg: i could hear it now. defensive attorney is going to stand in front of the jury, yes, the mutilation of the body 27 stab wounds. cutting his throat. that is evidence of passion and anger and it's called heat of passion manslaughter, right? >> also evidence of being sociopath and psychopath and completely nuts which she is. i really think she is in trouble here. i think to try and throw in man sluarlt instruction, i think the defense counsel that is to cover their bases. >> gregg: manslaughter is not planned and not premeditated. >> i think maybe the first 12 stab wounds were intentional,
1:46 pm
slice of throat but when you pick up the gun. expert for the prosecution who rebutted the gun going last, the fact that she shot him in the head last was pretty solidly established. come on. >> gregg: she was on the witness stand for longer than anybody i've ever seen. she was in fear for her life. that is why she grabbed a gun in the closet in the victim's bedroom. you can just hear her say i was acting in self-defense. could it be a self-defense jury instruction or imperfect self defense that your life is in danger? >> i don't think they are going that way. they have come out, look, she had no choice. it was her or him. she went and got the gun. >> gregg: that sounds like self-defense. >> there was no question about it. she had to kill him. >> gregg: doesn't that sound
1:47 pm
like the definition of self-defense, it was kill or be killed? >> yeah. >> i think the fear was neutralized. wasn't it neutralized after 23 stab wounds. >> gregg: overkill is sort of. >> it's something you do in retrospect. there isn't overkill. >> gregg: you brought up the issue of the gun because the one of last witnesses, wait a minute there was no evidence that the victim actually owned a gun which would arguably mean that she planned and premeditated by getting the gun elsewhere? >> yeah, no question. prosecutors say she stole it from her grandmother. that may of what happened. ordinarily when you have a gun in your closet, you will have a cleaning kit, you will have a holster. nothing was there. >> gregg: we can agree this is an incredibly straightforward case because the accused admits
1:48 pm
she killed. yet this thing has gone on for four agonizing months. this thing went off the rails a long time ago, didn't it? >> the inmates are running the asylum. i'm pleased that the judge finally said, look, we are wrapping this up. this is happening thursday and friday. i'm setting a time limit. it hasn't happened. we have had trauma and drama and issues. this whole thing is crazy. physical evidence is overwhelming. everybody knows she is a liar and the jury knows she lies. >> gregg: david, rachel, we'll see what happens. good to see you both. >> heather: red hot anger at the end of a nascar race. drivers venting their fury at kurt busch. the reason is just ahead. [ agent smith ] i've found software that intrigues me.
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>>. >> heather: tempers flaring the richmond international speedway. they were furious for backing into their cars at the end of the race. tony stewart slammed bush right back. busch said he had no idea why he was so riled up.
1:53 pm
>> it was a free for all. there is cars sliding up with old tires. i don't know 14 was upset. i got hit from behind. >> heather: joining us now is sportscaster jim gray a fox news contributor. you were at the masters. nice to you have back. a lot of bumping and grinding going on the track, swapping paint, rubbing paint but also other drivers involved in this race and they are all mad at kurt busch. what happened? >> you know, i don't know. they all have their story. it seems to be going on quite a bit this bumping and everybody says, when it happens it's an accident. other guys say it's intentional. it's difficult to determine. these guys are going at such high rates of speed. it's so close together. reaction time and what is intentional unintentional, it's like a pitcher hitting a batter.
1:54 pm
did he mean to do it? why would he do it? you get into all of this. it's really only in the minds that are participating. it's very difficult to call them out. these drivers do this all the time. it's road rage when the 405 out here or whatever your local highway is but in nascar it's professional road rage and spilling over quite a bit. >> heather: let's take a look at the video exactly what happened. this involved stewart. he is in the 14 car and kurt busch is in the 78 car. you can see him get right up against the wall there. pushes him from behind. you see come right over and push him over. we're not showing that part. and matt kenseth was involved in this. there it is. up against the wall. pushing him and saying, then to
1:55 pm
a little bit of a yelling match. which happened to be right next to each other. is this good driving if you are nascar driving? >> i don't know. how do you have reaction time at those rates of speed. they are inches away from one another. when they are so close and things go wrong. you don't know just exactly what has happened or what their communication is. there is so much focus and concentration, slightest mishap or slightest bump in the road or a pebble or a tire, wear and tear, anything can happen out there. we have seen it. we've seen so many accidents. it seems unfathomable that they would want to hit each other at those rates of speed. >> heather: but you are not a nascar. manti te'o is back in the news. he has had a lot going on personally but ultimately
1:56 pm
drafted in the second round. who picked him and what do you think about it? >> san diego chargers picked him. they picked him early in the second round. he had been projected as a top pick. we have everything that went on with him over the course of past few months. he did not do well at combine. he ran a very slow 40 time. inference that came out of combine that john harbaugh was sitting there shaking his head. couldn't believe it was that slow. >> heather: now he gets another chance. i have to wrap it up. thank you as always. we'll be right back.
1:57 pm
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bikes and balloons, wholesome noodles on spoons. a kite, a breeze, a dunk of grilled cheese. catches and throws, and spaghettio's. that's what happy kids are made of. campbell's. it's amazing what soup can do. >>heather: hello, everyone, welcome to brand new hour "inside america's news headquarters." >>gregg: topping the news this hour, brand new details in the boston marathon bombings investigation. top lawmakers say they believe the two bombing suspects may have had help. >>heather: one man says the republican party is leadershipless. he is not a democrat. our political insiders weigh in. >>gregg: the frantic search for a missing mom. police say she was almost certainly abducted.
2:01 pm
>> she is always bubbly, nice, a good mom, she loved her family. she would not just leave. >>heather: first the extreme weather causing havoc in the midwest, downpours with wide-spread flooding in areas where rivers have already breached the banks. volunteers building dirt levees and sandbags around 100 homes in north dakota. they are trying to keep floodwaters out as more rain is on the way. janice dean is in the fox extreme weather center. a four letter word, is that right, begins with "s." snow. >> do we have good news today? in the northeast it is beautiful. the flooding is an issue with the wait-and-see attitude as the red river rises across fargo, north dakota. the temperatures have been
2:02 pm
fairly bomb. that is great news for the folks who want to be outdoors but bad because we still have snow melt draining into the river that moves north into canada. the rapid snow melt will continue through monday and tuesday and we will watch the flood waters rise, now at 18' and expected to crest wednesday at 37 fight feet and the record is 40.78' so we are close to the record. we have a potential for flooding along the mississippi river with storms across the midwest that drain it to the mississippi. that will be ongoing. storm system moving across the southeast but the potential if severe weather today on this evening for parts of central georgia, hail, heavy rain, and isolated tornadoes. now, the future: we are watching with baited breath as we could see a storm system moving that will bring not only rain to the
2:03 pm
areas that do not need the rain, but, yes, even snow. we could see record-breaking snow for early may across the central united states. this is one of our computer models as we look into wednesday and friday next week, the jet stream will dip down to texas with cold air sinking in from canada, so cold it will be cold enough for snow. the sun and the fact that the ground is warm, that will not lead to a big pileup of snow but we could certainly see a couple of inches of snow. that is quite remarkable and something we are going to keep an eye on as we head into the month of may. we will now talk about the good news, temperatures are very nice, 62 in new york, 79 in minneapolis. enjoy it. changes are on the way. temperatures are going to drop considerably. look at phoenix, 98 degrees where it feels like summer across the southwest.
2:04 pm
you always put me outside when it is not nice, we are going to have a good day ahead of us, so we shut put the weather machine outside. >>heather: i should come out with you. thank you. >>gregg: but the flooding is obviously very costly. in 2011, $2 billion in damages reported from may to september. in 2008, total flooding damages estimated over $5 billion. from 2006 through 2010 the average flood claim per household was nearly $34,000. experts say damage in illinois, michigan, missouri, could run into the hundreds of millions this month alone. health new questions of the handling of the boston marathon bombings. a growing number of lawmakers are asking whether the f.b.i. interrogation of the surviving suspect may have been cut off
2:05 pm
too soon. our national correspondent is with us in washington. what exactly are we hearing on the talk shows today? >>reporter: some worry that the f.b.i. could have gotten much more information from dzhokhar tsarnaev if he had not been read his miranda rights so soon. he was read the rights in the hospital after a brief delay under the public safety exemption. after the rights were head, dzhokhar tsarnaev got a lawyer and stopped cooperating. >> very surprised they moved as quickly as they did. we had legal reasons and follow-up investigative reasons to drag this out longer. we could have done that. the attorney general should have sent a signal saying we are in our legal bounds doing this for the public safety exemption. >> others say the authorities delayed as long as they could to
2:06 pm
assure there was no ongoing public danger. >>heather: what other ways could the investigation still be hampered? >>reporter: authorities are zeroing in on tamerlan tsarnaev's trip to russia. did he have help and training when he was there? they say the russians are not being completely cooperative. >> the big unknown is still the six months, over six months, in russia. clearly, that is where they went from the process of radical ization to -- the older brother -- to violence. there is a lot we don't know. many say the russians need to step up to the plate and provide us better information. they have, i think, information that could be helpful. >> the boy's mother could have helped radicalize them it is reported. >>heather: thank you, steve. >>gregg: police in michigan are treating the disappearance
2:07 pm
of a missing mother as an abduction. the 25-year-old was working the night shift at a gas station in michigan on friday night. suddenly she vanished. according to police the cash drawer was unlocked but no money was missing. her purse and other belongings were also untouched. a friend of the woman says this is all very out of the ordinary. >> this is not normal. at all. at all. especially the fact her hurricane was left. her son is everything to her. we want her home. he is lost without her. call the police department. if you know anyone who knows where she is, get ahold of family. her son misses her. her fiance misses her. >>gregg: police do not have any suspected. if you happen to have any conversation you are urged to call 9-1-1. >>heather: rescue efforts in a
2:08 pm
building collapse in france. two people were killed and ten others injured when part of this residential building came crashing down. crews now are going through the rubble in seven of possible survivors. the cause of the collapse is still under investigation but officials say the gas explosion may be to blame. >>gregg: a japanese airline is testing the boeing 787 dreamliner for the first time since the planes were grounded. you may recall battery failures caused a fire and grounded the fleet worldwide early this year. boeing has developed and tested a revanched version of battery system designed to prevent and contain a fire. >>heather: some products proudly made right here in the usa are banned for export under laws dating way back to when khrushchev rules the soviet union during the cold war. has the time come to update our books? >>gregg: is washington, dc's
2:09 pm
nerd promise, yes, the last of political jazz highlights from the star-studded white house correspondent's dinner. >> plus, you stand there twisting your neck looking at the roller coaster and thinking what are you thinking about, are you possibly going to do that? are you crazy? the adrenalin rush we get from fear. >> we have a fear that has extended consciousness to it along with flight or flight narrative. that's why there's glucerna hunger smart shakes. they have carb steady, with carbs that digest slowly to help minimize blood sugar spikes. [ male announcer ] glucerna hunger smart.
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>>heather: time for a quick check of the headlines, an architect of the failed senate gun control bill says that he wants to bring it back, west virginia senator joe manchin tells fox news that he plans to rework the proposal to get it back to the senate floor. >> throughs of people across houston are without power following a rash of heavy rainstorms, the national wet service says that the area has
2:14 pm
received more than 6" of rain since yesterday. residents devastated by a blast in the town of west, texas, are allowed to return home on a limited basis the cause of the blast is still under investigation. >>gregg: in syria, a syrian general who now has defected saying the assad regime has indeed used chemical chemical ws against his own people and now many are calling for the united states to respond. we are reporting from washington. >> the white house is treading lightly to avoid missteps while some lawmakers argue that we need to do more in the war-torn country. senator john mccain along with other republican lawmakers say that red line the president drew himself has already been crossed. >> sooner or later he most likely would in order to maintain his hold on power and what has happened, the president drew a red line about chemical weapons giving a green light to bashar al-assad to do anything
2:15 pm
short of that, including scud missiles and helicopter gun ships and airstrikes and mass executions and atrocities that are on the scale we have not seen in a long, long time. >> the senate also supports humanitarian safe areas in neighboring countries such as jordan and turkey to protect refugees and the administration is saying there is evidence syrian government forces have used chemical weapons, there is still too many unanswered questions. officials want more investigation into the situation to avoid a repeat of the 2003 invasion into iraq. supporters of the administration say that any move needs to be calculated. >> we had a little problem with going to the u.n. with the idea of weapons of mass destruction before so we certainly want to finish the investigation. >> no one from the administration has discussed a possible timeline for action. >>gregg: thank you from washington, dc. >>heather: the obama
2:16 pm
administration is rolling out the largest overhaul of federal export control rules in united states history. many of the current regulations date way back to the cold war and reformers say that is hurting u.s. businesses competing around the world. we will bring in founder and c.e.o. of a financial group. do you think this is overhaul that is necessary and how does it affect people sitting at home that are not business owners and do not need to export products. how does it affect them? >> it is probably a good idea if you have rules 50 years old, we should say, do they make sense? to the folks at home, if you are thinking, where are you going to get your job, if we could get more exports in the country, that means more jobs and more manufacturing jobs. it could mean a job for a view are who is saying, i don't know where to apply. it is good.
2:17 pm
>>heather: how do we go about changing it? >> the proposal is a little mindboggling to say the least. that is, the president wants to create a new agency. he wants to take responsibility away from the commerce and department and combine them into a new agency and he has to get to congress and get congress to agree on this and congress is pretty caucus about this. >>heather: both sides of the party are expressing doubt. >>guest: the republicans are more concern about national security issues and the democrats are concerned about how to protect the economy. there is a protectionist movement in the democratic party which does not help promote jobs. you have 32,000 licenses applied for last year with 13,000 different companies. that is so onerous, unbelievable. we have nuts and bolts. we cannot shift a nut or a bolt out of this country without getting approval from one of the
2:18 pm
departments. we know if you are going to put out there airplane enings -- evening -- engines you want to use great caution. the president has quite a job cut out. >>heather: we need to go back and look at the list. and smaller and mid-sized companies have trouble getting through the bureaucracy. large companies have the infrastructure. it is the smaller and mid-sized companies, the job creators,the. >>heather: in an effort to simplify the system in place, the president wants to create more regulation and another government agency. >> do we really need another agency? they have written already for two categories, 400 pages just for two categories. at this pace we will be in the neighborhood of 4,000 pages of
2:19 pm
new regulations and we would need new bureau create and new staff. i applaud what he is trying to do but not how he is doing it. we are getting more government bureaucracy. >>heather: if it goes into affect businesses have 180 days to comply. >>heather: thank you for joining us. we appreciate it. >>gregg: the the president poked fun at his adversaries on capitol hill at the correspondent dinner and taking a ribbing from conan o'brian. >> president obama has made a lot of changes in the second term. he appointed john kerry and chuck hagar, very smart, you appointed the only two people in the united states who look more tired than you. >> i look at mirror and i have to admit i'm not the strapping young muslim socialist that i used to be.
2:20 pm
so, yes, maybe i have lost a step but some things are beyond my control. for example, the whole controversy about jay-z going to cuba, unbelievable. i have 99 problems and now jay-z is one. >> the obvious reference to the beyonce jay-z trip to cuba. on a serious note the president closed by acknowledging the nation's recent tragedies in massachusetts and texas. we wanted to be sure to share that. >>heather: i spoke to a reporter in the hall and she thought the president was funnier than conan o'brian. >>gregg: that is not hard. >>heather: conan o'brian is a fox fan. >>gregg: all right, after the weekend laughter, back to the same old gridlock on the
2:21 pm
beltway. some say our political system is broken, spy will aing -- spiraling out of control. our political insiders have recipes for repair. >>heather: researchers examining some people's love affair with beer from roller coasters and scary movies, the biology behind it all, up next. >> it is the unknown that most engages the horror of the viewer because in a sense they are covering the threat and when you see it there is a sense of relief. then you can process it. when it is unknown, that is when it is most fearful. it doesn't matter where a good idea comes from, it only matters that it shows up and makes things better. in that spirit, verizon is proud to announce the powerful answers award.
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>> this is abraham lincoln, the spot where a president puts the most influential president, in other words, the tradition, each president picks a president and i chose lincoln. in my case, influential president has a lot of meaning because my dad is by far the most influential president. i wouldn't be here as a former president without his unconditional love so i tell people 41's portrait is in my heart and i put abraham lincoln on the wall. he had a great vision for the country and leadership requires vision and principles and abraham lincoln is a great example of that. >>gregg: up close with 43, president george w. bush tonight at 9:00 p.m.
2:27 pm
>>heather: the bottom the hour and time if the top of the news. new concerns about what could happen to syria's stockpiled chemical weapons if assad is forceed from power. >> the wreckage from a collapsed building catches fire in bangladesh killing the last known survivor. investigators believe rescuers cutting through steel sparked a blaze. >> fox news has confirmed that president obama has tapped the mayor of charlotte to be the next secretary of transportation. he led efforts to improve the charlotte information structure helping to expand business opportunities in the city. >> boston prepares to mark two weeks, tomorrow, since the deadly basketball -- boston marathon bombings, the city continues to rally around
2:28 pm
victims of the attack. rick? rick: this is the first weekend since the bombings and boylston is fully opened. boston is responding in force to the request to come down here and show support for local businesses as well as showing support for victims and their families. they filled the trinity church this afternoon for an interfaith ceremony called "song for peace" with a dozen performers here to raise funds for the victims and their families and followed another concert last night at st. mark church where capacity crowd attend add performance by the youth choir to benefit one fund and the martin richard family, the 8-year-old boy who was killed in the blast. his mother and sister also badly wounded. yesterday, there was a parade held in his owner, a tribute celebrating the opening day of little league and the team he would have played on with firefighters and first responders throwing out the first pitch wearing martin's
2:29 pm
number eight on their shirts and painted also in the outfield. you can see a large crowd, a long line, continuing to file beyond the memorial that is filled with flowers and photos and t-shirts and running shoes, a tribute here to the victims and their families. >> you have been covering this from the beginning in boston, and back here in new york and it is hard to believe it has been two weeks. thank you. rick: thank you. >>gregg: it has been a heck of a week in washington, dc, with some critics arguing that congress and the obama administration are adrift amid a sea of corruption. the guy sitting next to me would agree with that, with our political insiders. john leboutillier former republican congressman from new york, pa caddell, former pollster for president jimmy carter, and hanging with the beautiful people in miami, doug schoen a fox news contributor and former pollster for bill
2:30 pm
clinton. say hello to beyonce and jay-z. let's start with you. you do agree that the administration is adrift and corrupt. what offense? >> there are five real examples. if you look at what has happened in syria now, we had a red line, the use of chemical weapons was going to be a game changer and we crossed the red line, and it is a game changer and nothing is happening. benghazi remains a mess. the f.a.a., for goodness sake, look the at chaos last week and suddenly it has been solved. why can that happen in we have an f.b.i. still trying to make sense of what happened in boston two weeks ago. and obamacare will have huge problems. congress is out and senator baucus who helps facilitate it,
2:31 pm
calls this is ain't wreck, an administration out of control. >> let me say red lines and do not forget iran where our policy, you think there are problems in syria, try iran. look at the f.b.i. situation, we find out 16 hours into questioning, and then it is cut off. the attorney general, this is a replay of the underwear bomber, of the entire administration's policies --. >>gregg: the guy lawyered up. the judge walked in. >> the judge came out of nowhere, no, this is a policy administration which is to not mention islamist extremist and we saw a story where the c.i.a. director was involved in editing books. this goes everywhere. john, what about your party, is the g.o.p. take advantage? >> no, the g.o.p. is nonexistent.
2:32 pm
>>gregg: they will not like you saying that. >> that is too bad, we have said for a year to you, here you get the issue of benghazi and 101 members of the republican house have asked speaker boehner in a letter to create a special committee to investigate this and that is crazy. this issue crews out for the truth. politically it would be smart, they need to get on the offense. >>gregg: doug, you brought up the idea of the f.b.i. handling of the homeland security and the events surrounding the boston marathon bombings, and here is a sound bite from the country president talking about his predecessor at the library installation. take a listen. >> as we talk through this library we are reminded of the incredible strength and resolve that came through that bullhorn as he stood amid the rubble and
2:33 pm
ruins of ground zero, promising to deliver justice to those who sought to destroy our way of life. >>gregg: that was very gracious, is there part of the current president that wishes he had part of the last president? >> let's put it this way, that was the kind of rhetoric we all would agree american presidents could use. bottom line, the president gave credit where credit was due. bottom line, also, this is a man who said i inherited this mess and every policy and every bit of rhetoric that obama has used as president has been devoted to blaming george bush for the problems of the country rather than trying to pull the country telling. this was too little too late but gracious nonetheless. >>gregg: pat, you took a sweet -- swipe at obamacare. balk was a key architect and now
2:34 pm
he is say this is a train wreck. >> as he releaves to become a enalthoughist for the other 28 former staff people that are lobbyists this man said it was a train wreck and the republicans in the house of representatives have done nothing about reforming this. guess what happened this week? the ultimate corruption, the leadership in both houses are trying to get themselves and their staff exempted the way 9 executive branch. the president, now says i don't know whether i will be on it or not. everyone is getting stuck. the same corruption with the f.a.a., this we go to congress and say we. protect washington, dc, and make sure you can fly. and then they back down about obamacare. >>gregg: and this is an admission from the health secretary, people are losing their health plans and companies are dropping theirs. it is driving up premiums, costs are going up and new taxes are levied to pay for it and doctor short averages by tens of thousands and the exchanges are
2:35 pm
a mess and now they are delayed and 20 million are still uninsured. >> what does the republican house of representatives do? do they try to end obama care as they would have the power to do? or postpone or delay it or de-fund it? no, they contemplate add bill to shore it up and only the conservatives stepped in and said speaker boehner, no, we will not go along with it. >>gregg: economic growth 2.5 percent, less than what economists predicted. now they saying, in the second quarter, that we are ready to enter in, it will be an abysmal 1 percent. all of this on the president's watch. >> it is all on the president's watch. we have not really discussed it all today the top issue facing most americans which are jobs, the economy, and the cost of living. bottom line, the american people want and expect the congress and particularly the president to do something and given the
2:36 pm
sequester and the dysfunction you spoke of earlier, we will have minimal to nonexistent economic growth, limited job creation, america is going to continue to be in real trouble. >> this is the period of time, the spring of 2013, that we will some day lock -- look back and see 9 second term of obama going into failure. >> not gist obama but the entire establishment that had the big party of the orgy of self admiring, with kevin spacey in the show "house of cards" playing a corrupt guy from my home state and you know what he says? i lie, i intimidate but it works. it was basically, they all applauded. it was basically thumbing their know at the american people. it is not just obama but
2:37 pm
political class that is -- look at --. >> so far, one person always cuts obama slack and is never criticizeed. >>gregg: is the washington, dc, press, a bunch of people in the tank? >> of course. >> they do not tell the truth about the dysfunction in washington, dc, and about the dissatisfaction the american people feel. >>gregg: we have lots more to talk about when we run. we will break down the problems plaguing the republican party. who is running the g.o.p. and can they crawl their way back to the top?
2:38 pm
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hot health now a quick of the headlines, forecasters say the red river near fargo, north dakota; likely to crest by this week. folks in grand rapids, michigan, are preparing for disaster as officials say that river is inches from breaking the banks. >> more victims of the boston marathon bombings are released from the hospital. three people were killed and 260 were injured with less than 30 in the hospital. >> willie nelson preparing to sell braise his 80th birthday, the red headed stranger, he was born april 30th, 1933! avid texan. >>gregg: this week, we saw the dedication of george w. bush's presidential library in texas and now former president bush is speaking out of the future of the republican party with our own bret baier. take a listen. >> we are leaderless.
2:43 pm
the republican party is leaderless. not the first time we have been leaderless or will it be the last time. we have been in the wilderness. >> you are shifting in your chair if you are speaker boehner and mcconnell. we have our political insiders. gentleman, pat, is the former president right? >> just look at the first election since november, special election, where i live in charleston, south carolina, a district that went for romney at 58 percent and obama has 41 percent approval rating, and the democrat is leading the former governor sanford by 9 points. having been on the ground there, the energy, the bush colbert campaign...the force democrat groups are spending money and the republicans are absolutely
2:44 pm
paralyzeed. >>gregg: is there something about the republican party they select guys to run who have issues with women? >> it seems that way, with akin and murdoch. this tells me about what is wrong with the republican party. we have the national republican campaign committee run by republican congressman with a lot of money, they should have been in this race early before the republicans picked a candidate, they should have been in there attacking her on her issues and positions, big labor and all and if they saw san sword -- sanford was going to win, they should have worked it to keep him from winning. a smart party wants to win. >> doug, i want to play the democratic congressional committee ad. listen to this.
2:45 pm
>> republicans called it "misconduct" and sanford paid the largest ethics fine in state history. now he wants our trust again. maybe sanford should keep walking. >> you could see that coming a mile away, the appalachian trail. >> you could. john and pat raise a very good issue, political parties have to manager. sanford is a flawed and deeply flawed candidate. there was no leadership and there has been no leadership from the national republican party, from the congressional campaign committee, to try and structure the campaign. the fact that sanford created what are arguably violations of his divorce agreement in terms of the custody part during the campaign speaks volumes about how this is a totally out of control situation. >> he was already in trouble before the revelation of
2:46 pm
breaking in and dress passing at his wife's house. what will happen may 8 is the democrat party will say, if we can win charleston, we can win anywhere. they are energized and trying to take texas. this is a big deal. the republican party keeps losing and retreating, you have to win somewhere and you better win. >> the republicans should have tried to persuade sanford's ex-wife to run. >> there was talk about it. >> the one thing that -- this thing on may 7, if they win they will, the democrats, will announce an attempt to turn texas into a blue state. greg domino affect? >> they will try to do that. >> where are the republicans trying to turn a blue state red? i never hear about that.
2:47 pm
>> i have an answer: you have chris christie in new jersey who is the only republican who has proven he can make a real breakthrough in the bluest of blue states, two or three points from the presidential trial of hillary clinton, and what do the republicans do? they run him out of party and disinvite him to cpac. >>gregg: our political insiders, many thinks to doug schoen in miami, and pat caddell and representative john leboutillier. see you back here next weekend. you can catch more every monday at 10:30 a.m. and they will be back here next week or follow them on twitter. ♪ [ lighter flicking ] [ male announcer ] you've reached the age where giving up isn't who you are. ♪
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>> we have the ability to scare ourselves while knowing we are safe, that is the appeal of scary movie. mentally, i really know it is fine. >>gregg: that looks like fun, there is a new hit show called "brain games" looks at why we do what we do.
2:52 pm
>>heather: tomorrow night, they will focus on fear. you saw that. why do people love horror movies and sky-high roller coasters? >>gregg: i do like a roller coaster, the adrenalin is exciting. >>heather: put your hands up and scream like a little girl? >>gregg: a little girl? like a little girl? >> the show is about the brain trying to make the brainiac saysible to mainstream audience. the brain is the most complicated object in the universe but there are interesting shortcomings, the hardware limitations and experts have designed amazing games, interactive experiments and illusions that highlight the shortcomings to trick you and blow your mind and teach you. >>heather: here is an example.
2:53 pm
>> this is the ad of our show. >>heather: read it at home. can you read it? >> you can't be fooled. >> the majority of people say, think you can't be fooled? >>heather: i did it, and i did not get why you were showing this. >> most will not see the extra "you" because your brain wants to be efficient so it is scanning that and creating a pattern. it is deciding what it says there without actually paying attention to the details. >>gregg: how is this relevant? >> the brain, we are all struggling to understand the brain, and obama is putting money into the brain initiative which is amazing and ibm has the blue brain project to create the brain and digital space, the famous artificial intelligence, can we create human intelligence in the computer but it starts
2:54 pm
with the brain which is still a mystery. with this show we trying to make the brainiac saysible. >>heather: your own brain becomes the star because you participate in the brains. >> absolutely it is interactive experience. the brain is the star of the show. you have to play along with the visual games. >>gregg: so this is very visual. >> the brain receives incomplete information from the world and it wants to complete the information and fill the pattern, so if i asked you, mary's mother had four daughters, april, may, june and --. >>gregg: mary. >> you are brilliant. brillant, brilliant guy. the vast majority of people will listen to april, may, june and complete the patton and say july because income met information and solve the problem.
2:55 pm
they will not pay attention to the entn which is, mary's mother has four daughters, april, may, june, and mary obviously. so you are way too smart. >>gregg: just lucky. >> in speech writing they tell you the way the brain thinks look at numbers like that and they tell you to write your speech like that, as well. >> the brain is looking for pat weres and wants to complete the pattern. we learned you -- we all experience 3-d reality but we take in low resolution to the images through our eyes and our brain takes the information and renders a 3-d world and our brain is guessing and filling in the blanks. >>heather: tomorrow night the episode is about fear. why do we want to be afraid? >> fear is regulated by the area of brain that directs the
2:56 pm
emotions. we have an overactive area that has served us well 100,000 years ago in africa where we had they have our alarm on. it sets us up for fight or flight. do we stay and fight? or do we runaway? that was biologically an advantage. today we have inherited that and the reason we are scared is because of the over active part of the brain despite the world has never been less violent if you look at the chances of a man dying at the hands of another man is the lowest ever. >>gregg: thank you. great stuff. great stuff. have a great week. is a weed that's dead ♪ ♪ roundup [ male announcer ] with a new one-touch wand. yeha! [ whip cracks ]
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>> chris: i'm chris wallace. today, preventing another attack on the homeland. >> i felt like my foot was on fire. i knew i couldn't stand up. and i didn't know what to do. i was just screaming somebody please help me. >> chris: the boston bombing suspects may have just been getting started. was times square next? >> the surviving attacker revealed that new york city was next on their list of targets. >> chris: did your intelligence agencies share information about the older brother's trip to ar russia? >> that information didn't get circulated t to the best of our knowledge today and we he have questions about why tha

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